An audience-first approach

By using an audience-first planning mentality backed by in-depth channel expertise to implement innovative paid search campaigns, our Paid Search team will provide, monitor and adapt your online strategy to keep interest in your brand high and costs low.

Our paid search experts combine their own intelligence facilitated by technology to help you to achieve your goals effectively and efficiently.

We're experienced with using data at scale to drive actionable insights so whether you're looking for increased brand exposure in the search results, more visitors to your website or to drive more sales throughout the year; our talented team crunch the numbers and identify the most suitable and effective approach to ensure that you hit your targets and stay ahead of the competition.

Continually adapting to stay ahead

We are constantly challenging and testing ourselves to develop new approaches and strategies, integrating across channels and specialisms to ensure that we are always ahead of the curve and your competitors.

Working closely with our in-house analytics and reporting team, we put together detailed reports that identify all of the vital facts and figures that identify weekly, monthly and annual trends showing you how many people are being exposed to your brand, clicking your ads and - most importantly - converting.

As we are part of the McCann Manchester network we benefit from enhanced buying power and close working relationships as priority partners across all digital media. As a priority partner of Google, we are on the white list for all early trials of new release AdWords features, which allows us to keep our clients way out in front.

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