Because we are an integrated agency, we don’t treat channels in silo – our Analytics and Reporting team is comprised of individual channel experts that work collaboratively alongside analytics specialists that report on attribution across the board to ensure shared learning and continuous improvement.

Our team of experienced and highly qualified data analysts have developed a bespoke set of tools that provides business-wide awareness of marketing performance by channel. Our solutions inform better decision-making, drive cost efficiencies, better inform planning and optimise schedules. Crucially, they also reduce reporting times, meaning we can reallocate precious time and resources into adding value via analysis.

This forms the basis for everything we do here at McCann Connected, from informing our organic search strategies to reporting on paid search performance and delivering the outstanding results we achieve for our clients. From reporting on weekly paid search campaigns to annual organic search performance comparisons, we can provide you with the detail and insight to help form your online strategy and take your business forward.

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