About McCann Connected, a Manchester-based integrated digital marketing agency

We are Connected.

We are commerce experts with a relentless focus on driving business improvement across every stage of the customer journey.

We start from a different place. We understand human behaviours and truths and how these shape our online behaviours, which means we deliver sharper insights, empathy and engagement, and business performance at speed and scale.

Everything we do, and we mean everything, is powered by understanding the customer – your customer – better than anyone else.

It’s a single-minded, unrelenting obsession that unites and powers all 140 of our specialists, be they SEO wizards, UX geniuses or content gurus.

Customers don’t live or shop in digital silos, so we don’t operate in them, and we recognise that today’s customer journeys are more complex than ever.

Working at McCann Connected, an open-plan office of SEO, PPC and digital design experts

Our response is to create digital solutions to your business challenges that exist without borders or boundaries.

Our approach is powered by Truth, McCann’s overarching philosophy since 1912, and our mission is to help brands play more meaningful roles in people’s lives.

Search intent feeds content strategies and shapes the user experience, and the insights we gain help us improve continually.

We’re called Connected because that’s what we are. It’s how we think, act and behave.

We connect you to your customers and ultimately connect your business to sustained growth.

A selection of the brands that McCann Connected work with

The Brands We Work With 

We work with numerous clients across multiple sectors targeting myriad different audiences, and we have drawn insights from across each of these areas to shape our views.

We’re a top 40 UK digital agency (econsultancy.com) and our 140 specialists span the paid, owned and earned landscapes, including content production. We help our clients make sense of the complex journeys consumers make and develop marketing solutions without bias or borders. We help connect consumers with brands, technology, and, of course, each other.

It may be that you don’t see your particular market sector represented, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t got experience in your category. As well as our current clients we’ve got experience in many other sectors.

Want to get Connected? Then get in touch.